EURO IT&C B.V. is a software company established in The Netherlands. The company provides a wide range of services in the information technology field that include software development and Internet solutions. Our software products vary from desktop applications to distributed client/server applications and Internet/Intranet solutions. Our Internet solutions consist of web site development, portals and web services, electronic commerce solutions and custom component development for web environment.

In the field of IT consultancy EURO IT&C covers the following domains: Business Process study, Requirement Analysis & recommendation of appropriate hardware and software, Information systems Audit Consultancy

In the field of commercial solutions EURO IT&C works in several directions ranging from e-commerce to web site production and promotion. Development of online information management systems currently is a main activity of EURO IT&C.

Euro IT&Cí has experience in artificial intelligence. During 2002 it was developed an artificial intelligence engine in collaboration with a major university in Romania (Petrol-Gas University of Ploiesti). This engine represents one of the main scientific extensions for daily commercial solutions, by enabling decision support and control structures to generic information management systems.