Artificial Intelligence

Discover, Learn, Adapt

Discovery is often considered as interaction. As such, we can easy consider that all technologies above can be used in systems that will discover an environment; that is, communicating with other systems or with users.

Learning is a complex activity. A system with artificial intelligence can learn if the knowledge discovered by the system within an environment can be reproduced outside that environment by the same system. Capturing information can be as well often considered as learning, but this trap is too shallow. Learning according to the abstract definition in human language is based on trial and error experiments and often implies knowledge transformation. Bayesian networks and neural networks can learn.

Systems with artificial intelligence can adapt. To adapt means to change behavior. Certain criteria’s can define the means for adaptation. There are mechanisms to control adaptation and to channel the system towards required results.

All of the technologies above can be enriched and combined so the systems with artificial intelligence built using these technologies can solve several problems: interpretation, prediction, diagnose, design, planning, monitoring, and debugging.

Euro IT&C has developed such a system. The level of artificial intelligence is soon to be judged by our visitors. Come back in some time to visit our I-World environment.