Information Management

Enterprise networks process management

EnterpriseYear 2000. Was it real a bug or just a scam? World did not change, but we learned a lesson. We have to think for the future. Information management becomes insufficient on an enterprise level. Software applications tend to put people together across continents. With massive introduction of relatively cheap hardware solutions for internet access, many software applications intend to globalize information access. Web services, remote procedure calls, standard communication with SOAP, and other technologies embedded in software application allow finally the management of information on a multi-enterprise level.
It is the era of business process automation and management of processes across multi enterprise development islands. ERP systems evolve and embed workflows. All that matters is direct access to information. Real time is not anymore related to industrial process control only.


It is past beyond second decade of 2000. There are no software applications anymore. There are only specialized software agents performing tasks and changing the I-World as it happens on real life. Intelligence has finally reached its true potential. Electronic Intelligence (formerly known as Artificial Intelligence) is globally accepted as the one and only mean of information management.

Augmented reality is around us. Welcome to I-World.