Software Architecture

Software architecture is a direct consequence of information management. Euro IT&C developed software applications using three standard architectures. Our current development environment goes hand in hand with service oriented architectures. See our product and service pages to get more information about what we do. However, there are several standard software architectures that we want to present:

Disconnected applications

It could be a simple stand alone application like a text editor; or it could be a windows service; or maybe a spreadsheet calculator; or even (if someone might still ask for it) a standalone database application. Or maybe a game, or even a picture editor.
All these applications have one thing in common. They donít communicate, they are not integrated, they just perform a set of tasks locally.

Connected applications

The world of computer networks moved software architectures away from desktop applications. This is why database engines were able to operate over a network. Thatís why applications needed to connect with other applications. The client-server architecture is born. And not onlyÖ Derived architectures from client-server fill the world. See multi-tier applications, DCOM applications, RPC architectures and so on.
All you need is a network, some interfaces, and some communication protocols. The rest  should be the same as in the disconnected applications.

Service oriented architecture

Having an interface and a communication protocol is not always enough. You need to have a standard to apply or to define. The development islands have been long enough suffering from thousands of standards. That pain is over. Specify in each application the interfaces in a standard manner, and given security credentials, anybody can interact with those applications, in order to obtain services.