Euro IT&Cís team consists of skilled veterans of the virtual work environment, having worked together over multiple projects for the last 5 years with established protocols and procedures to maximize efficiency and productivity over a distributed virtual office environment. Current projects typically span three physical locations, with Internet connectivity limitations. By working in the virtual workspace environment, a reduction in development cost and unforeseen logistic problems can be realized with no sacrifice to the end deliverables.

The implementation team boasts experience in all steps of the development life cycle, including project management and scoping, requirements gathering, functional and technical design, development, test, integration, implementation, training, and knowledge management.
The multicultural team construct utilizes the mix of diverse practical experience with broad formal educational backgrounds. Utilizing this diversity results in a gleaning of the long time established benefits of the Deming Cycle of Process development with the specialized efficiency of the Unified Modeling Language methodology of Object Oriented Software design.

Furthermore, next to proven skills in the fields of information technology and communications, the team can utilize professional managerial and project management skills as well as consulting expertise.